“French Tech” is the term used to describe the French startup community: everyone who works in or for a startup in France or for a French startup abroad. Entrepreneurs of course, but also investors, engineers, designers, developers, incubators, media, public organizations, research institutions, etc. that are committed to the growth of startups and to their international prosperity.

It is also an example of innovative public policy through the French Tech Initiative.

Convinced of the need to promote the emergence of startup success stories in France, the French Government created the French Tech Initiative in 2013. Its philosophy?  To rely on initiatives of the French Tech community already in place, showcase what already exists, and create a snowball effect. The French Tech Initiative is not about the government imposing regulations and limits; it’s about the government supporting the startup community. It is a shared ambition, driven by the government, but built by and carried out with all players.

The French Tech Initiative has a strong international presence via its 22 French Tech hubs: New York, Israel, Tokyo, San Francisco, Montreal, Cape Town, Hong Kong, Moscow, Barcelona, London, Abidjan, Seoul, Berlin, Dubai, Los Angeles, Milan, Beijing, São Paulo, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taiwan, and Vietnam.