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French startups exploring Silicon Valley: the case of Evercontact


ubi i/o started 2 weeks ago. This program, created by Bpifrance and Business France brings 8 startups to the Silicon Valley to help them better understand the US market. We asked Evercontact, one of the eight startups to give us their feedback on their first days there.

What’s your startup ? At which stage of growth is it?

Evercontact is the universal cloud service that keeps contacts up-to-date automatically for professionals and teams who communicate with many customers/prospects and need perfect shared contact information but don’t want to spend time or money updating contacts manually.

Evercontact actually allows professionals to seamlessly reach out to the people they need to engage with instantly, either from their desktop or from any mobile device, android or apple ios.

Our user base is close to 100,000 users. 80% of our users and customers are out of France and 65% are US based, including influencers such as Robert Scoble, Jason Calacanis, Eric Reis and Andrew Sorkin. Corporate customers include Flipboard, BuzzFeed, Zodiac Euromaster and Disney.

What’s your goals in the near future?

We’re looking to expand our footprint in the US market, notably through major OEM partnerships and the opening of a local office in the Valley.

Why is a program like ubi i/o important for you?

As I said, we already have a strong & growing user base in the US despite handling 100% of our operations from Paris. We know however that the only way to significantly grow is to have a physical presence in the US.
We don’t want to just open a local office. We aim at a better understanding of local expectations in terms of marketing, sales and product. The ubi i/o program is an important factor for us because we’re totally immersed in the culture, we’re challenged, mentored and advised in many business aspects and meet with exceptional professionals whose experience and insights are invaluable.

How important is the American market for you?

Well, not only does the Valley stands out as a dotcom Mecca, but it’s also the place where major players are located to open doors in the main domestic market.

By reinforcing our footprint and having the opportunity to stand out in the US market, Evercontact will become a truly global service. That’s how important the US market is to us.

What’s your feeling after your first days in the Silicon Valley? What have you learnt and done so far?

Everything goes faster here. I have the feeling that everything is more efficient and productive.
You meet with people and in a matter of a few hours, they follow-up with you. Either with a “not interested”, a name to contact or an introduction. The way of doing business here is amazing for a French entrepreneur. We learn a lot from the people we meet, as much as in “how to present yourself”, “how to follow-up” or “how to conclude a deal”. That’s fantastic!