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French Tech: A Force to be Reckoned with at CES 2017

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With 233 companies in attendance, France was once again a force to be reckoned with at CES in Las Vegas in 2017. 178 French startups showcased themselves in Eureka Park, the area dedicated specifically for startups, making France the second most represented country (after the US). In fact, there were so many French startups (accounting for about one third of companies present in Eureka Park) that French was the predominant language heard between the stands!

The energy surrounding French startups is intensifying in sectors as diverse as IoT, fintech, biotech, cleantech, and education among others. IoT was France’s strong suit for the third year in a row thanks to the country’s top quality engineers, designers, and expertise in data analysis and artificial intelligence. Some of the startups and scale-ups representing France this year included Sigfox, Qowisio, Netatmo, Parrot, Devialet, Withings (acquired by Nokia in 2016), Visiomed , CybelAngel, Famoco, Giroptic, Awox, and SevenHugs.

Highlights for La French Tech at CES 2017:


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