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La French Tech causes a stir at CES Unveiled. Here’s why.


International media were impressed by French Tech startups during the pre-CES preview event, showcasing innovative new products and tech trends.

La French Tech  caused a stir at CES Unveiled this year with media referring to French Tech products as “show stealers” and “head turners”.  According to Wired, five of the 11 coolest products they have seen at CES so far are French Tech products while the Washington Post named three French Tech innovations in its six wackiest gadgets seen at CES to date.

In certain areas of Unveiled, more French than English was being spoken, which is to be expected considering that 25 percent of all startups in Eureka Park are French and France has more companies at CES than any other country in Europe.

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Click on the photos below to read about the new French Tech products debuted at CES Unveiled 2015.

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