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La French Tech Dominates at CES 2016


With 200 companies in attendance, France was the second most represented country at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year.

After a strong performance at CES 2015, the bar was set high for La French Tech in 2016. And they really outdid themselves! About 130 of the French companies at CES 2016 were startups showcasing their concepts in Eureka Park. In fact, 1 out of every 3 startups startups presenting at CES was French! Pretty impressive when you consider that American startups made up 42% of Eureka Park.

La French Tech shined in many sectors including IoT, e-health, cybersecurity, and mobility among others. Hardware was clearly France’s strong suit thanks to graduates of its topnotch engineering schools.

Some highlights for La French Tech at CES this year:

  • Giroptic was one of the three finalists of the Extreme Tech Challenge and won a trip to Necker Island to pitch its 360° camera to Richard Branson.
  • Sevenhugs took home a CES Innovation Award for the world’s first contextual remote to control multiple connected devices.
  • 10-Vins was awarded ‘Best Startup of CES’ for D-Vine, a machine that uses individual wine doses to decant and serve wine at the perfect temperature.

Emmanuel Macron, the French Minister for the Economy and Finance, represented France at the innovation expo and met with executives from Cisco Systems, Apple, and Google X labs to encourage them to invest in the French startup ecosystem.


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    With 200 companies in attendance, France was the second most represented country at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year.Customer Service Numbers