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No one can stop Digital Revolution

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"Let’s make French Economy be ahead of the this new era!" By Marie Ekeland & Olivier Mathiot Co-Presidents of France Digitale

As French people, we are known as world-class revolutionaries. It was therefore quite natural, considering we are currently living through the third industrial revolution, to ask ourselves if we were driving this revolution as well as our reputation would expect us to do.

We will discuss this during all the French Tech Festival in June and especially during the France Digitale Day with a set of inspiring speakers, and will let you build your own opinion. However, let us first give you a couple of insights.

If the steam engine was the first industrial revolution, it was also a communication revolution: it connected people at train distance. Electricity and combustion engines brought then another communication revolution by connecting people with cars, planes and on the phone. It led to new industrial and economic processes, lower prices, mass consumption, growth and welfare state  !

Internet, as the third one of these revolutions, connects people through networks and shapes the world and the economy in a complete different way.

International by nature, agile by necessity.

These key rules are not only valid for all companies from small startups to giant CAC 40 corporations, they also apply to governments and administrations. Thinking bottom-up and not top-down for more agility. Thinking globally to make digital economy the pillar of a strong European single market, and harmonize international and sustainable rules and nurture cooperation.
France Digitale’s ambition is to build the road to growth for French and European startups. Our main KPI and the scale on which we’d like to be evaluated is the number of French “Unicorns” (Billion dollar companies !) which will come out in the coming years.

If it happens, it will be the clear demonstration that we would have managed to attract foreign investors, thrive our ecosystem, change our education system, increase our confidence rate and eventually uncap our entrepreneurs ambitions, here in France.

Be careful ! It will go much faster than steam train, even than bullet train, so let’s not wait for the next generation to enjoy Digital Revolution.

Sky is the limit !

“Jouons collectif” !

Marie Ekeland & Olivier Mathiot

Co-Presidents of France Digitale

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About the Authors

After getting her degrees in engineering and economics, Marie Ekeland started her carrer in 1997 as a computer engineer at JP Morgan in NYC. She then worked in different private equity funds before joining Elia Partners in 2005. She is co-founder of France Digitale.

Entrepreneur, investor, and author, Olivier Mathiot is also deeply involved in representing the French entrepreneurs and has been co-president of France Digitale since 2013. This graduate from HEC is co-founder and CEO of Price Minister / Rakuten .