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Announcement of the French Tech Visa

The French Government is pleased to announce the French Tech Visa, a brand new program for foreign entrepreneurs starting in April 2017. This program – based on the new “Passeport Talent” residence permit introduced in late 2016 – is...
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Dear French entrepreneurs: Please stop giving a f–k what the world thinks of you

Journalist Chris O'Brien counters a Tech Crunch article criticizing the French Tech scene with this witty response all while poking fun of the French. "Let me pause here and say unto you, oh entrepreneurs of France: Chill."

Launch of the Paris French Tech Ticket

The aim of the French Tech Ticket is to encourage international entrepreneurs with bold projects in the startup or scaling up phase to come to France. The program targets entrepreneurs from all over the world who may or may not already have a...
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#ElyseeTech : Quand la FrenchTech se déplace à l’Elysée, voici ce qu’il faut en retenir

La French Tech continues to grow, not only in France but abroad,the proof being the success of the French Tech Conference, which took place in New York last week.
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France to help US LPs back French VCs, will back US VCs investing in France

Earlier this week, François Hollande gave a speech to the French Tech community, in which he eluded to a plan to finance transatlantic US/French VC funds – the full speech available below in French. As we reported yesterday, not much was known...
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This French tech school has no teachers, no books, no tuition — and it could change everything

PARIS — École 42 might be one of the most ambitious experiments in engineering education. It has no teachers. No books. No MOOCs. No dorms, gyms, labs, or student centers. No tuition.
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Dylan’s Desk: France’s tech scene is pretty good. So why are investors staying away?

PARIS — You might be forgiven for thinking that France is a terrible place to start a tech company.